Blog Post Series 1: Art and Visual Communication

We are Psychology 135: Sensation and Perception students!

For our first blog post series, we are featuring recent studies on perception in art and visual communication design.

Gestalt in Advertising – Skip ‘skipping’! Discover how Gestalt principles make you pay attention to online advertisements (whether you like it or not)

Gestalt Principles in Nation Branding – It is really not good to judge a country by its logo. But we can always examine the Gestalt principles present or absent in country logos and be empirical in judging!

Picture Interpretation – Be wise in using visual representations. Intentions do not always count! (The next time you send that text message to your crush, better be careful with your smileys and flying kiss emojis!)

Visual Metaphors in Advertising – Learn what makes you go “now, I get it” in advertisements that you see around!

Color Perception in Consumer Advertising – Ever thought about what influences your decision in buying consumer goods? Learn how color associations affect your perception of food healthiness!


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